About ElephantCoin

E80C E256E80D

ElephantCoin (ELP) is the latest Litecoin-based crypto coin, uses Proof of Work. It combines the regular blocks with random super blocks (feature from Luckycoin). It has block target 20 seconds and zap fast transaction confirmation, it also supports transaction messages (feature originally introduced in Florincoin).

Block Explorer:



coins-e.com (trading with BTC):

cryptsy.com (trading with LTC):



6 thoughts on “About ElephantCoin

  1. brain new pool for Elephant coin!

    stable and fast.

    low tax rate 2%

  2. Lol, very funny coin. 😀

    we have elephantcoin and now dogecoin

  3. mik

    I would like to mine your coin using cgminer/GPUs with xubuntu os. Solo. could you help please?

  4. mik

    Please Help!

  5. dafa

    Please realize as soon as possible: bter.com, btc38.com, easecoin.com, 3 websites transactions. Thank you!

  6. freakshow

    what’s the point of this?

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