•     20 seconds block time
  •     Difficulty re-targets every 60 blocks, with accelerated diff re-target at the beginning to prevent instamining
  •     Total coins will be around 340 millions
  •     3 confirmations for transaction, thus a zap fast 1 minute transaction confirmation
  •     30 confirmations for minted blocks
  •     support transaction message
  •     50 coins per block, and with following super random blocks:
    •     1/100 chance, a random 100-500 coins block
    •     1/2,000 chance (about twice a day), a random 1000-5000 coins block
    •     1/30,000 chance (about once per week), a random 10000-20000 coins block
  •     The prize will be halved every 2 years.
  •     The default ports are 13808 (Connect) and 13809 (RPC).
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